Communism Tour

Introduction of the tour:
Communism is the main topic throughout this tour and during your trip you will experience lots of different aspects of that time (the Communism party under the hand of Enver Hoxha was in power from 1944 until 1991) such as the birthplace of the Dictator in Gjirokastra, the high school he went to in Korca, the park with his holiday house in Pogradec, the bar he owned in Tirana, the secret submarine base in Porto Palermo and all the bunkers throughout Albania.

This tour can be organized from 4 days (tailor-made up to your wishes) and the visits may include:

There are many sites in Tirana which still relate to the Communism period, these sites are the pyramid (mausoleum of Hoxha, designed by his daughter), “blloku” area with the governmental buildings, the bar close to the national museum which Hoxha owned, his old house in the “blloku” area (a part of his house is now turned into an American language school), a house turned into a Communism house and a visit to a Communism style restaurant.

The second largest city of Albania has a few Communism sites to visit such as; a bunker turned into a bar/restaurant, large bunkers along the coast and the military base (where we might can go to exercise using weapons).

Vlora & Porto Palermo
One of the largest ports of Albania and home of the military and naval (submarine) base called “Pashaliman” base. Close to Vlora is the castle of Porto Palermo from where you can see the secret submarine base (which is still partly in use and the history behind this base has a lot of different stories).

Close to Pogradec is the village of Tushemisht, on the shores of Lake Ohrid and close to the border with Macedonia. In Tushemisht, the park of Drilon can be found, which was the holiday destination of Hoxha and now a popular place to enjoy and relax. On the shore of the lake, you will also find lots of bunkers which can be visited.

This is the city where the old dictator went to high school. He studied in a French secondary school and here it is where he read for the first time the Communist Manifesto.

The city where Hoxha was born and the place where his house is turned into an Ethnographic museum which can be visited during a trip to Gjirokastra.

All these places can be visited in a tailor-made tour. We can help you to create and organize a Communism tour up to your wishes.

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